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California Pesticide Information Portal (CalPIP) Application

Welcome to the California Pesticide Information Portal Application (CalPIP)

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Note: CalPIP is not able to process a full year of data without the user choosing other criteria that would limit their selections. Users who work with large PUR datasets (i.e. entire years or all products) should go to:

  • Data Archives (FTP site) to download free copies (.zip files) of full years of Pesticide Use Data (1974 through most recent available), or
  • DPR’s Publications Order Form (PDF, 171 kb) to order the Annual Pesticide Use Report CD–ROM.

Not all CalPIP features work in all browsers. To take advantage of all features and to assure that you get the information that you need, Internet Explorer 5.5 or above with cookies and JavaScript enabled is recommended. If you receive an error like "retrieval of cached query failed" or if you experience any other problems with a page displaying, hit your browser's "Reload" button.

Introduction and Overview

Welcome to the California Pesticide Information Portal project (CalPIP). CalPIP now allows you to query from more than one data source to find information on pesticide related issues. This site delivers user-friendly Internet access to the Department of Pesticide Regulation's (DPR) extensive pesticide use and label information (PUR Data Source), Ground Water Protection Area information (GWPA Data Source, and the recently added Pesticide Regulation's Endangered Species Custom Realtime Internet Bulletin Engine (PRESCRIBE Data Source). more...

Known Issues

2017 Pesticide Use Report data has been added to the database.

Notes on version updates, bug fixes and known issues. more...

First Time Users

If this is your first visit to our site, you may want additional information to make your visit more successful. more...

About the Data Sources

  • Pesticide Use Reporting (PUR)
    The California Pesticide Information Portal provides you with easy access to the world's best and most extensive database of pesticide use information. more...
  • Ground Water Protection Area (GWPA)
    The GWPA data source allows you to determine whether a particular section is a GWPA. more...
  • Pesticide Regulation's Endangered Species Custom Realtime Internet Bulletin Engine (PRESCRIBE)
    The PRESCRIBE data source provides information on pesticide use limitations for the protection of endangered species for user-selected sites and pesticides. more...

Query a Data Source

Begin your query by first choosing a data source from the pull down menu at the top of the left navigation column. Warning: Application use is timed. Each session will time out after 30 minutes lack of activity, and all previous query settings will be lost. more...

Version 2019.04 {2017 PUR Data Update)