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CalPIP General FAQs

Where should I start?

Start by selecting a Data Source from the Data Sources section at the top of the CalPIP Navigation Menu. Become familiar with the "My Selections" link in the left navigation column. This page displays all the active data subcategories and the items you have selected for each subcategory. If you see "Nothing Selected - Default to detail records", then you can either make a selection from that subcategory or accept the default data. After making a selection from a data subcategory, you can jump back to "My Selections" to check the information you’ve selected for your query. "My Selections" also provides a link to the output-formatting page and allows you to submit your query to the data warehouse.

Which subcategory should I pick first?

While there is no set path to building a query in CalPIP, you should start by selecting your "top" subcategory first. In this case, a "top" subcategory means you are only interested in one criteria item within that subcategory. For example, if you are only interested in one county, select the County subcategory first and then pick a county. Likewise, if you are looking for a particular chemical or crop, select either of these subcategories first and then choose the specific chemical or crop of interest. Once you’ve selected your first item and are ready to continue to the next subcategory, simply click on any active subcategory in the left navigation column. The only subcategory that requires a prior selection is the COMTRS link – To choose specific COMTRS (1x1 square mile sections for agricultural PURs only), you must first click either the County link or the Zip Code link and make selections in order to narrow your location search to the correct townships of interest for finding COMTRS.

How do I know what I’ve selected?

You can review your query selections at the My Selections page. This page can be accessed by clicking the My Selections link at the top of the left navigation column or by clicking the My Selections button found at the bottom of each active page, including the Format Output. If you’ve made a mistake or just want to change some of your selections, then click on the appropriate subcategory and select the item(s) of interest. CalPIP will maintain your most current data selections as you jump from page to page within this application.

I want to change all my selections. How do I start over?

CalPIP provides you with a Start Over button at the bottom of all active pages. Simply click on this button to reset all subcategory and formatting information to CalPIP’s default settings and start a new query.


I want to format my results from a Pesticide Use Reporting (PUR) query. What are my options?

Once you are satisfied with your query selections, it’s time to format your results. To access CalPIP’s formatting options, click on the Format Output link that appears at the bottom of the left navigation column or the Format Output button at the bottom of the My Selections page. CalPIP offers you the choice of detailed (raw) or summarized data formatted as HTML tables or tab-delimited text. If you submit your query before choosing any formatting options, CalPIP’s default setting returns detailed data from a set of pre-chosen output data columns formatted as an HTML table.

How do I submit a PUR query?

After selecting the data criteria and formatting options, you may submit your query to the database using either the the Submit Query button at the bottom of either theFormat Output or My Selections links on the left navigation column. Data requests are processed in the order they are received. The time required for your query depends on the number of requests submitted ahead of yours and the amount of data you've requested. When your data is available, you will receive e-mail notification from at the e-mail account you provided when you submitted your query. The e-mail message will contain a copy of the selection criteria you used, and a link to view or download your data.

Why did my PUR query return zero records?

In choosing your selection criteria, it is possible to make combinations of selections that result in no data being retrieved from the database. For example, choosing the Year: 2001, County: Alpine, and Crop: apples results in 0 records retrieved because no pesticide use was reported for apples grown in Alpine county in the year 2001. A search resulting in 0 records does not mean your query didn't work, it means that there was no data meeting those criteria.

Why do I see repeated records in the data output?

Users might see apparently repeated rows, such as the same SITE/CROP, PRODUCT, and POUNDS_PRODUCT_APPLIED values for multiple records. In fact every detail PUR record is unique in some way, in DATE, TIME, COMTRS location, etc., but the user does not have to choose those columns in the output, so he may not see their unique application.

Version 2020.01 (2018 PUR Data Update)