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California Public Land Survey System

These files contain the spatial data required to plot the townships and sections for each California county or for all of California (Statewide). These files are based on the Bureau of Land Management Public Land System data for California but have been enhanced with additional linework to extend the township and section data across the numerous land grant and unsurveyed areas of the State. These added sections are valid only in relation to pesticide use reporting and well location.

Each link will download a zip file containing the corresponding shapefile (each shapefile consists of a set of seven files). The shapefiles are in the Albers Equal Area (NAD 83) projection – also referred to as the NAD 1983 California (Teale) Albers projection. A Geographic Information System (GIS) program is required to view these files.

For Pesticide Use Report data questions, contact: For questions about these shapefiles, the CA PLSS, or for .kml/.kmz versions for Google Earth, contact:

Version 2024.01 (2022 PUR Data Update)