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Product Selection for Pesticide Use Reporting (PUR) Data Source

The features and functions of the Product: Name Search page allow you to select from the list of pesticide products, or brand names, that were used in pesticide applications reported by growers and others.

You can base your query on the selection of one or more specific products.

Under state and federal law, a pesticide is any substance intended to control, destroy, repel, or otherwise mitigate a pest. Any organism that causes damage or economic loss, or transmits or produces disease, may be the target pest. Pests can be insects or animals (e.g. mice), unwanted plants (weeds) or organisms that cause plant diseases. In addition, state and federal laws consider products to be pesticides if they regulate plant growth, cause plants to drop their leaves or dry plant tissue.

Pesticides cover a wide range of products, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fumigants, algaecides, rodenticides, growth regulators, antimicrobials, pheromones, disinfectants, and many more.

California also regulates adjuvants as pesticides. This class of chemicals, exempt from federal registration, must be registered in California. Adjuvants are emulsifiers, spreaders, water modifiers and other compounds added to improve the effectiveness of a pesticide. These products typically have no pesticidal activity. Query results are automatically returned with an Adjuvant column that identifies if products are adjuvants or not. The chemical formulations of adjuvant products are confidential, so any requested chemical information will be absent for any pesticide use reports of adjuvant products.

To understand the difference between a Product and a Chemical, please read this FAQ.

Note: In choosing your selection criteria, it is possible to make combinations of selections that result in no data being retrieved from the database. For example, choosing a pesticide product or chemical ingredient that is used for non-agricultural pest control (e.g. a structural fumigant or an institutional disinfectant) would return 0 records if chosen in combination with an agricultural commodity (e.g. apples). A search resulting in 0 records does not mean your query didn't work, it means that there were no data meeting those criteria.

Version 2024.01 (2022 PUR Data Update)