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The California Pesticide Information Portal (CalPIP) provides you with easy access to the world’s best and most extensive collection of pesticide use information. At the heart of CalPIP is a data warehouse that serves up pesticide data produced, maintained, and used by a variety of programs within the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR).

You can ask the data warehouse for pesticide use statistics categorized by the use date, application location, site or crop treated, pesticide product name, chemical name (active ingredient), and application pattern. These categories appear on the left-hand side of your screen. Under each major category, you can select from subcategories of data to narrow your search to the information of specific interest to you. Currently, searches are limited to the following subcategories from the pesticide use database: Year, County, MTRS (meridian/township/range/section), Zip Code, Site/Crop Name, Product Name, and Chemical Name.

CalPIP also lets you tie the pesticide use data in with DPR’s database of labels for the 11,000 or so pesticide products registered in California. Our pesticide label database includes such information as the manufacturer, pesticide type (for example, herbicide, insecticide, disinfectant), active ingredient, target pests, sites where the product can be applied (for example, a crop, roadside, or structure), and certain chemical and environmental characteristics. You will also be able to link to sites with more information on potential health and environmental effects.

In the future, as the data warehouse grows, you will be able to use CalPIP to access a greater number of DPR’s information assets, including data from the Residue, Surface Water, and Illness databases.

Version 2020.01 (2018 PUR Data Update)