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Pesticide Use Reporting (PUR) Data

You cannot, and should not, ask for an entire database worth of data. To best find the pesticide-related data records that you want, you must enter a list of criteria as a filtering mechanism to extract just the appropriate set of data you are looking for. CalPIP employs a cumulative reduction technique in interpreting the data criteria specified by the user. That is, the overall criteria you specified by the data selection process will narrow down the search to pull out only the data set that meets ALL the criteria combined. The overall criteria is specified through a series of data selection pages, from which you can select only the specific items under each data category that are pertinent to your search and query. For example, if you were to look for Pesticide Use Report (PUR) data, and then specified Year=1998, County=Sacramento, and Site/Crop=Apple, your data output will be the filtered result of only those records that have to do with Apples grown in Sacramento within the year 1998.

If you do not select a year, all other selection criteria will be based on the most recent year in which data is available. By default, all items under the other data categories are selected if the user does not specify which items are of interest. So, if you unselect APPLE from the Site/Crop Selection page, your new result will include all the records for all commodities for Sacramento in 1998 which had reportable pesticide applications.

Ground Water Protection Area (GWPA) Data

A ground water protection area (GWPA) is a one-square mile section of land that is vulnerable to the movement of certain pesticides to ground water. These pesticides are listed in 3CCR section 6800(a). A permit and certain management practices are required to apply any 6800(a) pesticide to any agricultural, outdoor industrial or outdoor institutional use site located within a GWPA.

The purpose of this application is to help users determine whether a potential application site lies within a section(s) of land identified as a GWPA. The application uses a window interface that requires users to select the county where the site is located. A second window then gives users options to select any combination of meridian, townships, ranges, and sections for their sites within the county. A yes or no answer to the GWPA site location is given for each section selected in the query. If the section is a GWPA, the query also indicates whether the GWPA is vulnerable to pesticide movement via either a runoff or leaching condition. In addition, links are provided to the lists of management practice options available for either the runoff or leaching GWPAs. Users must select (and the county agricultural commissioner must approve) one of the appropriate management practices to receive the required permit for use.

Version 2020.01 (2018 PUR Data Update)