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The features and functions of the Chemical: Name Search page are the same as those in the Site/Crop and Product Name Search pages. The Chemical: Name Search page lets you build queries or conduct searches using the common chemical names of products used in reported pesticide applications. You can select specific chemicals through the search function or obtain all chemical data using the default setting. Also see: Available CalPIP Information.

The search function accepts partial and whole words. Use the Clear Selection button to clear your search request and return to the full list of chemicals. The select/unselect, review and start over features operate in the same manner as the other active pages.

To understand the difference between a Product and a Chemical, please read this FAQ.

Note: In choosing your selection criteria, it is possible to make combinations of selections that result in no data being retrieved from the database. For example, choosing a pesticide product or chemical ingredient that is used for non-agricultural pest control (e.g. a structural fumigant or an institutional disinfectant) would return 0 records if chosen in combination with an agricultural commodity (e.g. apples). A search resulting in 0 records does not mean your query didn't work, it means that there were no data meeting those criteria.

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