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California Pesticide Information Portal (CalPIP) Application

CalPIP Version Updates Archive

Version 9.20 Update

  • Searchable Data Sources
    CalPIP now allows you to query from more than one database, or data source, to find information on many facets of pesticide related issues. The Data Sources selection is available on the top of the CalPIP Navigation Menu, and currently includes the following options:
    1. PUR (Pesticide Use Report) - contains product, chemical, and site/crop/commodity records about pesticide applications reported in California.
    2. GWPA (Ground Water Protection Area) - part of the California Ground Water Vulnerability model (CalVul) in the works at DPR. You can search this data source to check whether a certain location is a Ground Water Protection Area (GWPA) designated by the state to prevent pesticide contamination.
  • Changes to Location Selection Order
    For faster page response, you must begin the Location category selection by picking County or Zip Code first, before you can use the Township/Range and Section (COMTRS) selection page to further narrow your selection. Trying to make an COMTRS selection first will cause your browser to automatically jump to the County selection page.
  • A new method for handling PUR data requests has been implemented and is expected to increase performance speed and stability, delivering more reliable query results.
  • Contains updated data - some label, chemical and license data has been updated as of February 2004.

Version 9.10 Update

  • 2002 Pesticide Use Report data has been added to the database.
  • Outlier data problem resolved.
    December 8, 2003 UPDATE: We have resolved this issue which caused some use numbers to be incorrectly flagged as outliers in CalPIP queries. Please contact if you have any problems.

Version 2020.01 (2018 PUR Data Update)